Spring Issue Highlights Delta’s Eastern Mallard Research, Small Wetland Conservation

Spring is on the horizon, which means one thing at The Duck Hunters Organization: It’s time to make some ducks! Yet while Delta programs such as Predator Management and Hen Houses ramp up ahead of the duck breeding season, another core effort — protecting temporary and seasonal wetlands — is a year-round effort.

In the Spring Issue of Delta Waterfowl magazine, you’ll discover why small, shallow wetlands are essential habitat for nesting hens — and also why these small, unassuming ponds are so frequently drained. You’ll conclude the story thankful that your Delta membership helps conserve these critical engines of duck production.

We then shift to the Atlantic Flyway, where groundbreaking research by Delta Waterfowl is seeking solutions for eastern mallard populations. The Atlantic’s daily bag limit was reduced to two mallards (one hen) for the 2019-2020 season, so Delta Waterfowl is leading the charge to boost production of eastern mallards, better inform wildlife managers setting harvest regulations, and hopefully, pave a way to increase the Atlantic Flyway bag limit.

Duck seasons may be over across North American, but opportunities for waterfowling remain thanks to booming populations of light geese. The Spring Issue celebrates snow goose hunting with a stunning photo feature by Delta photographer Ben Peterson, plus tips from field editor Brad Fitzpatrick for getting on target with a custom snow goose gun.

The Spring Issue includes a thrilling tale of hunting Montana’s Hi-Line, where potholes draw — and produce — large numbers of ducks. Delta staff writer Bill Miller explains why wintering sandhill cranes in Texas are a special gift to waterfowlers. And field editor Brian Lovett reveals how to capitalize when snowy weather spurs ducks to take flight.

As always, the Spring Issue carries a full slate of informative and entertaining columns such as Duck Dogs, Shotgunning, Strategies, Waterfowl Chef and Traditions to help you get the most from your waterfowl season.

The only way to receive Delta Waterfowl magazine is to join The Duck Hunters Organization. If you are a member, thank you for your support. The Spring Issue will arrive soon!

To join Delta Waterfowl, call (888) 987-3695 or visit www.deltawaterfowl.org/memberships.