Mentor Recognition Program

Delta Waterfowl Celebrates Hunter Recruitment

Ensuring the future of waterfowl hunting is a key part of The Duck Hunters Organization’s mission. In effort to bolster waterfowl hunter numbers, Delta Waterfowl is launching a Mentor Recognition Program. The new initiative will raise awareness about the critical need to recruit new hunters and reward people who share their love of waterfowl hunting with others.

Here’s how the program works: Anyone who mentors a new waterfowl hunter is eligible to upload a photo and short story about your hunt below. In recognition, Delta Waterfowl will send a certificate of appreciation, Delta Waterfowl Mentor hat, special Delta decal and an engraved metal band to display on a call lanyard. The new hunter will get a merit certificate, Delta hat, two decals, and if successful at taking a duck or goose, they will earn a Delta Waterfowl First-Duck Pin.

*Please allow 4 weeks for your gifts to be shipped.