Forgotten Paradise

Forgotten Paradise Photos by Ben Peterson If you dread packing away your gear after the seasons close in North America, consider heading south — way south, [...]

Torturous Fun

Torturous Fun A Chesapeake Bay sea duck hunt tests the limits of hunters and gear By Brad Heidel As the calendar flipped to 2019, I [...]

Bluebill Bliss in the Pacific Northwest

Bluebill Bliss in the Pacific Northwest By Paul Wait, Editor/Publisher A funny thing happened during the 2017 Delta Waterfowl Decoy Hunt, an event during which [...]

Called to Stuttgart

Called to Stuttgart Former champions revel in the history of duck calling’s ultimate contest By John N. Felsher Great waterfowl callers can bring birds down [...]

Bucket List: Oklahoma Dabblers

Bucket List: Oklahoma Dabblers By Kyle Wintersteen A smart hunter kills ducks, plucks ducks and never breathes a word of it. A dumb hunter not [...]

Spring Challenge

Spring Challenge By Kyle Wintersteen The blue-phase snow goose stands out as it descends from a whirling, veritable sea of white, its rosy red feet [...]

Arkansas Snow Geese

Arkansas Snow Geese By Paul Wait Nearly every waterfowler knows that Arkansas is a top destination for hunting mallards in the green timber. But there’s [...]

Upper Mississippi River Mallards

Upper Mississippi River Mallards Go Green on the Migration Super Highway Paul Wait, Editor/Publisher Duck hunters from across North America are drawn to the northern [...]

Saskatchewan Geese

Saskatchewan Geese Hunt Honkers, Snows and Specks Over Cut Grain Paul Wait, Editor/Publisher While many regions and locales lay claim to being the “goose capital [...]


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