Spring Conditions Update

Exciting news! Recent snowfall across the Prairie Pothole Region has been great news for spring duck production.

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The Duck Connection | Part 1

The Duck Connection | Part 2

“The prairie pothole region is a huge area, much bigger than the size of Texas, and yet relative to where the total range of where ducks nest it’s a tiny fraction. But it makes 90 percent of the ducks. It’s where it makes sense for Delta to work. ”— Dr. Frank Rohwer, president of Delta Waterfowl

Like ducks? Want more of them over your decoys? Don’t miss a second of “The Duck Connection,” a collection of stunning footage illustrating how Delta works for waterfowlers South, North and continent-wide.

Delta’s Migration Updates

May Delta Flyway dabbler duck tracking map report

Find the May Dabbler Duck migration maps and up-to-date telemetry information from Delta Waterfowl.

duck map migration report delta waterfowl

Dabbler Tracking Report Eight mallards and three green-winged teal transmit location data for March, 2022.

Delta Duck Migration Map 2022

Get the latest Feb. Dabbler Duck migration maps and up to date telemetry information on dabbling ducks from Delta Waterfowl.

Get the latest January Dabbler Duck migration maps and up to date telemetry information on dabbling ducks from Delta Waterfowl.

delta waterfowl duck hunters expo 2022

July 29-31, 2022
Little Rock, AR
Join us for the biggest event dedicated to duck hunters.

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A new Delta Waterfowl Duck and Goose Hunting 101 Course is now available online to provide beginning hunters the knowledge they need to take that first duck or goose on their own or with their friends.

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Wetland Conditions and Research

Delta Waterfowl ID Guide, field guide book to identify ducks, geese, and swans

The Waterfowl ID Guide focuses on maximizing your chances of correctly identifying duck, swan, and geese species by systematically pointing out features from the general characteristics to the specific traits.

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