What Do Ducks See?

What Do Ducks See? Here’s why ducks are adept at spotting shiny faces and fidgety Labs By Christy Sweigart and Angela Cook As we sit in [...]

Unusual Nesters

Unusual Nesters Some birds go to wild lengths to hatch their eggs By Christy Sweigart Later this spring, somewhere in the deserts of western Nevada, common [...]

Waterfowl in Winter

Waterfowl in Winter Unique adaptations allow ducks to thrive in frigid conditions By Christy Sweigart As winter’s approach brings frigid winds, bleak temperatures, and dwindling food [...]

Giving Ducks a Fighting Chance

Giving Ducks a Fighting Chance New trapping technique revolutionizing Delta’s Predator Management It seems a simple concept, at least on the surface: Fewer predators [...]

PPR Band Maps

Where Your Ducks Come From PPR Band Recovery Data Maps Every duck that comes to your hand arrives there with a story. It’s usually up [...]

Dry conditions. Intensive Management.

Dry conditions. Intensive management. The spring 2021 breeding condition situation on the northern prairies is dry. This is rather bad news for ducks returning north to the [...]

Water and Duck Production

Water and Duck Production Are larger bodies of water or smaller, seasonal ponds and pools more impactful for ducks? Delta's Dr. Frank gives you the facts about [...]

Factors that affect Duck Production

How Delta Makes Ducks Delta is focused on the key factors that affect duck production. Support Delta Waterfowl strategies that target effective, science-based duck production programs to [...]


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