Defending the Hunt

Duck Hunters Action Alert System for defending the hunt and conservation advocacy. Tell us about an issue.

Working For — and With — You

Delta works diligently to address threats to duck hunting, as well as to create new opportunities to serve waterfowl hunters. This work takes place in city council offices, state legislatures and provincial ministries, and all the way to the leadership of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Department of the Interior and Canadian Wildlife Service.

Delta’s voice and perspective is amplified by our members and volunteers who, working with Delta’s policy staff, can be credible and authentic spokespeople for duck hunters in their communities. It is an incredibly powerful and effective model.

If you have a local, state/provincial, or federal hunting advocacy issue that you’d like Delta to be involved in, please click the appropriate link below to provide us with more information and make your voice heard!