Feed Like a Pro

Feed Like a Pro Dog trainers use common sense when selecting a performance formula By Bill Miller Call me lazy, but I don’t want to get a [...]

High-Performance Hydration

High-Performance Hydration Presented by Eukanuba A 2005 summary of working dogs found that they can recover from the loss of most of their fat and half of [...]

Correcting Mid-Season Mischief

Correcting Mid-Season Mischief Presented by Eukanuba By the middle of the season, even well-trained retrievers can come unglued as yet another knot of ducks pours into the [...]

How Do They Do It?

How Do They Do It? Duck dogs have seemingly supernatural abilities By Bill Miller If you’ve shared your blind, and your life, with even a single dog [...]

When to Change Your Gun Dog’s Diet

When To Change Your Gun Dog's Diet It’s important to match your dog’s diet to the amount of work he’s doing. During hunting season, when he’s running [...]

Don’t Rock the Boat

Don't Rock the Boat Preparation and training are critical to boating safely with retrievers By Bill Miller The beauty of duck hunting is you can make it [...]

Time to Get Birdy

Time to Get Birdy A proper introduction to birds should awaken a young retriever’s instincts By Bill Miller Sadie was our first retriever. We got her to [...]

Winterize Your Retriever

Winterize Your Retriever Ben Peterson/Delta Waterfowl Careful preparation and optimum nutrition help dogs withstand the late-season chill By Kyle Wintersteen The air temperature hovered in the [...]

Heat Awareness

What is HRI? HRI stands for heat-related illness. For dogs, it is more often referred to by the signs or stages of the illness: heat cramps [...]


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