Delta Tested Apex Ammunition

Delta Tested | Apex Ammunition We're testing out Apex ammo and getting an inside look. Side by side pattern comparisons and weight measurements. Tungston and steel [...]

Delta Tested BOSS 12 ga 3/5

Delta Tested | BOSS Shotshells 12 ga. #3-5 We're excited to put BOSSShotShells 12 gague, #3/5 shotgun shells to the test. What sets these shotgun shells [...]

Delta Tested Sitka Whites

Delta Tested: Sitka Whites Fabric that mimics the UV reflection of snow geese, protected zippers that won't clog with mud, and they are machine washable. We [...]

Delta Tested HuntStand

Delta Tested: HuntStand Get the exclusive Delta discount and SAVE 20% at  HuntStand’s advanced mapping tools and powerful layers make us the #1 hunting and [...]

Delta Tested: Mossberg 940

Delta Tested: Mossberg 940 Delta Tested - 940® Pro Waterfowl O.F. Mossberg. We harvested some geese and this 940 performed. Check it out at  [...]

Delta Tested: Reneguage Savage

Delta Tested: Reneguage Savage We put this award winning gun to the test on a goose hunt. Customizable and designed to fit almost any shooter. Check it [...]

Delta Tested: SportDog Brand

Delta Tested: SportDOG® Brand WetlandHunter® 1825X The latest edition of Delta Tested brings us Ben and his Labrador, Chief. Here you will see their review of the [...]

Delta Tested: Mud Buddy

Delta Tested: Mud Buddy We're reviewing a Mud Buddy. This hyperdrive will get you through the hard-to-get tough spaces and get you to the ducks.  Visit Mud [...]

Delta Tested: Eukanuba Sport Dog Food

Delta Tested: Eukanuba Sport Dog Food Delta staffer Kyle Wintersteen gives an overview of Eukanuba's Sporting Dog Food. Eukanuba Sport Dog Food is designed for sporting dogs [...]

Delta Tested: Boss “Shorty” Shells

Delta Tested: Boss "Shorty" Shells Delta staffer Kyle Wintersteen puts the copper-plated bismuth within Boss Shotshells to the test in the duck blind and on a pattern [...]


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