First Hunt

Delta Waterfowl runs the largest waterfowl hunter recruitment program in North America!

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Delta Waterfowl’s First Hunt is the largest waterfowl hunter recruitment program in North America. Since its inception, Delta’s volunteer chapter leaders have introduced 83,760 people to the ways of duck and goose hunting. Chapters across the United States and Canada hosted 235 First Hunt events in 2023 with a total of 7,147 participants.

Invigorated by the continued growth of its chapter system, Delta will strive to deliver even more First Hunt events in the future. In addition, Delta aims to host a higher percentage of First Hunt events targeted toward new hunters.

First Hunt is delivered largely through Delta’s rapidly growing chapter system. Volunteer mentors offer their time and expertise to teach the traditions of waterfowl hunting to interested people of all ages. There are many different types of First Hunt events, such as waterfowling field days, shooting sports days, special seminars and waterfowl hunts, all customized to suit local Delta Waterfowl volunteer event organizers, mentors and participants.