An Unsung Conservation Pioneer

An Unsung Conservation Pioneer By Paul Wait, Editor/Publisher If you hunt waterfowl in the United States, you buy one every year. Many hunters buy two. And why [...]

The Little Brown Duck Dog

The Little Brown Duck Dog By Paul Wait Like many small-town doctors of his day, Fred J. Pfeifer was a prominent, revered man in the [...]

Big Duck Guns

Big Duck Guns It’s 9 feet long, weighs 105 pounds — and during the market-gunning era — its 22-ounce charges could kill dozens of ducks in one [...]

Old Decoys, New Hobby

Old Decoys, New Hobby Rich history can be discovered through blocks of wood By Paul Wait Fifty feet down the first row of tables covered [...]

An Improbable Journey

An Improbable Journey How a 100-year-old duck boat found its way back ‘home’ By Paul Wait The unfamiliar voice on the phone took me by [...]

Men Overboard

Men Overboard Many hunters call body booting ‘crazy,’ but these guys call it ‘fun!’ By Paul Wait A rising tide of water rinsed over my [...]

Sliding Through the Cattails

Sliding Through the Cattails Marsh skis put hidden potholes within reach of Wisconsin duck hunters By Paul Wait Boot-sucking bogs and head-high cattail stands don’t [...]

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