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It’s a teeter-totter tandem game as the Marketing Director of Lucky Duck, Sean Weaver, joins Joel Brice on the latest episode of The Voice of the Duck Hunter Podcast. This episode was recorded at the latest Duck Hunters Expo in Little Rock, AR. The duo tries to answer the question, “How much is too much,” and have a meeting of minds on technology and hunting in a modern world. Find out if and when a spinning-wing decoy is useful in the field, some insights on hunter infighting, and what it means if you’re noticing cattail sloughs as you drive the PPR.

Two of the industry’s top decoy arisans, Pat Gregory and Rick Pierce, sat down with Joel at the Duck Hunters Expo in Little Rock, AR, and went down a deeeep rabbit hole into the world of decoy carving. From family to tradition; how a decoy hunter finds the hobby. From history to novelty: what makes carving decoys mesmerizing for the carver and viewer.  As this hobby is inexorably tied to the sport of duck hunting, the decoys have become a part of the cycle of duck hunting: Off-season creation, the shot in a well-used decoy, how a carver sees a bagged duck, and how those birds inspire new creations. You can get started too, as our trio finds this hobby is more accessible than ever to someone just starting on a block of wood. Strap in for all of that and the one phrase that will make a decoy carver’s spine shiver.

Take a deep dive into a world where conservation meets access for hunters. Recorded at Delta Waterfowl’s Duck Hunters Expo in Little Rock, AR, Joel sat down with Bobby Martin, outgoing chairman, AR Game & Fish Commission, Joe McPherson, outgoing chairman, LA Wildlife & Fisheries Commission, and John Davis, Delta Waterfowl. The three discuss the complexities of the work across two noteworthy careers in state wildlife agency management, making resources last while shepherding the tradition of the outdoor life to a next generation, and how to make sure you get your important plugs in.

Conservation was front and center as Joel and Ray Penny, Jr., CEO and President, along with Ben Haff, Director of Sales, for G&H Decoys sat down to talk about the resurgence of their company. Tune in to find out how this historic, made-in-the-USA decoy company fell on hard times only to find a new life with a lawyer and law enforcement officer and why a G&H Decoys purchase has meaning beyond the product.

At the Duck Hunters Expo in Little Rock, Joel sat down with Kate Hunt and Julia Gibson. Kate owns the female-focused apparel brand “The Duck Huntress.” Julia is the reigning “2023 Ms. United States Agriculture.” The trio talked about the unique situations that women who hunt find themselves in and why pink camo is not fine for every #waterfowlher out there.

Joel brings along his scientific colleagues along to talk about the recent Annual Breeding Waterfowl Population Survey results. Mike Buxton, Matt Chouinard, and Dr. Chris Nicolai provide expert analysis and entry-level understanding of the immense data and science involved in this profound activity across North America. Enjoy the conversation and get an inside view of what the conversations at Delta Waterfowl sound like on a daily basis.

Joel Brice and the Delta Waterfowl Podcast return with Brandon Maddox, CEO of Silencer Central, and Brad Heidel of Delta Waterfowl. The trio discusses the nomenclature between silencer and suppressor, the benefits and use of the technology, and the complex nature of the market in which they are sold.

The Voice of the Duck Hunter is back with a new look! Host Joel Brice breaks the hiatus with an exciting conversation with so-called habitat influencer and professional photographer, Isaac Neale. They discuss one person’s power to impact the system, a modern approach to hunting, photography, and conservation, and the random birth of catchphrases, “Drain cold ones, not wetlands.”

Joel brings back first third-time guest, Dr. Andrew Ramey of the USGS Alaska Science Center for a quick update on bird flu, which has been identified in nearly all US states. They discuss the latest need-to-know info for duck hunters, and if Dr. Ramey gets a free podcast after a certain amount of appearances on ours.

Joel sits down with world-class outdoor photographer and part-owner of BOSS Shotshells, Lee Kjos in our landmark 40th episode. They discuss the intersection of industry and conservation and how a hobby can become a career. BOSS provides the ammunition for Delta Waterfowl’s UHP programs across North America AND sponsors a number of Delta Hen Houses across the PPR!

Host Joel sits down with John Vradenburg, of the USFWS and Jeff Adams, of Delta Waterfowl to discuss a very timely habitat/drought problem at the Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuge Complex, which has seen hunting season closures in recent memory. They discuss the complex dynamics of habitat and the animals that use it to get a clearer picture of the situation and the impact on hunters across the region.

While at the Duck Hunters Expo in Little Rock, AR, Joel has a conversation with Ford Van Fossan, Director of Brand at First Lite about conservation and the launch of First Lite’s new waterfowl camo pattern Typha. They also discuss hunting across the years of life, how many times a senator needs to be contacted to take notice of an issue, and the host’s years of hunting from sun up to sun down. A portion of the proceeds from Typha pattern sales will go do continuing the Delta Waterfowl programs.

In this episode of Delta’s Duck Hunter Podcast, host Joel Brice gets and update on HPAI (Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (aka. Bird flu)) in North America from Dr. Andrew Ramey, Director of the Molecular Ecology Lab at the US Geological Survey, Alaska Science Center in Anchorage AK. They discuss the level of threat to duck hunters as the season begins, what to do if you encounter an animal you suspect may be infected, and why this is an issue the Government is keeping an eye on.

In this episode of the Duck Hunter Podcast, recorded at theDelta Waterfowl Duck Hunters Expo, Joel catches up with Jon Zinnel, the man behind conservation and hunter recruitment at Federal Premium Ammunition. They discuss ammo shortages, the long history of Federal Premium Ammunition,  conservation efforts between them, and how easy it is for Delta employees to watch each others dogs.

In the third Voice of the Duck Hunter Podcast recorded live at the inaugural Delta Waterfowl Duck Hunters Expo in Little Rock, AR, Joel met up with Andrew Murray & Tyler Jordan from Realtree, Delta’s “Official Camo Conservation Partner.” They talk about developing camo patterns, the release of Realtree’s new waterfowl camo pattern: Max-7, as well as the pitfalls of being a creative artist.

Recorded live at the inaugural Delta Waterfowl Duck Hunters Expo in Little Rock, AR, Joel talks the history of spinning-winged decoys and modern day success of MOJO Outdoors with Terry Denmon – the man behind the MOJO. Listen to Terry’s perspective on government and hunting, the story of the genesis of MOJO and their signature product, and that time Joel’s decoy got the sorry end of a happy hunter!

Recorded live at the inaugural Delta Waterfowl Duck Hunters Expo in Little Rock, AR, Joel sat down with Sean Weaver of The MeatEater at the Delta Waterfowl Podcast Studio which was sponsored by MOJO Outdoors. Sean and Joel speak about the second season of Duck Lore (Out NOW), Sean’s background in Midwest hunting, the new Typha Camo from First Lite (a portion of sales goes to Delta Waterfowl), and a calamity involving a freezer full of meat.

Most people overlook the importance of optics in their arsenal of gear. Host Joel Brice speaks with members of the Vortex Optics team about the importance of high quality hunting gear and specifically this often overlooked piece of a successful fowl hunt.

Stay up to date on HAPI (bird flu)
Distribution of HPAI detections as part of the current outbreak:

Confirmed detections of HPAI in wild birds as part of the current outbreak:

CDC guidance on avian influenza:

USDA guidance for hunters regarding HPAI:

Wildlife Health Information Sharing Partnership:

USGS National Wildlife Health Center HPAI morbidity/mortality surveillance guidance:

Recent review paper on HPAI in wild birds in North America:

How to choose the right call for you
Most hunters carry at least one call with them and you will often find several. We’re answering your questions about topics like calling ducks into your decoys to winning duck calling competitions. Guests Brad Heidel of Delta Waterfowl and Bill Ayer, CEO of Slayer Calls.

Joel Brice sits down and talks with Remington Ammunition’s Joel Hodgdon, Marketing Director and Jon Langenfeld, Se. Engineer in Research Development to discuss all things Remington ammunition such as business structure, ammo shortages, and shotshell engineering. Remington ammunition is back in operation and questions about shotgun shells (shotshells) are answered in this duck hunter podcast.

All Things Duck Dogs
Delta Waterfowl’s Joel Brice is talking duck dogs with guests Chris Akin of Web Footed Kennels and Josh Miller of Riverstone Kennels. If you have ever been interested in dog training or the role duck dogs play in the lifestyle and elements of the hunt, listen in. With long careers in the world of dog training, these guests know the fire and pitfalls of dog training. You don’t want to miss this episode.

Two Tier Regulations
Rocco Murano of South Dakota Game Fish and Parks and Matthew Garrick of Nebraska Game and Parks Commission discuss the two-tiered experimental duck harvest regulations aimed at drawing in new hunters to the sport.

Carrying Capacity of Migrating Ducks
In Delta’s inaugural podcast, Dr. Frank Rohwer and host Joel Brice discuss the habitat needs of breeding ducks, as well as the best ways to conserve habitat to maximize duck populations.

Waterfowl Recruitment, Better Known as Duck Production
Episode 2 digs deep into the most important factors in waterfowl recruitment — aka duck production. Delta president Dr. Frank Rohwer joins host Joel Brice, Delta’s vice president of waterfowl and hunter recruitment, to discuss the key influences on whether duck populations rise or fall.

Waterfowl Research and Education
This week, the “Voice of the Duck Hunter” podcast shares a comprehensive look at Delta’s research and education programs — and the folks who manage them. In both aspects — research and education — Delta has a storied and revolutionary history that continues today.

Delta’s “Voice of the Duck Hunter” Podcast – Meet the CEO of Delta Waterfowl
This week, the “Voice of the Duck Hunter” podcast is joined by one of the world’s leading biologists — Dr. Scott Petrie, CEO of Delta Waterfowl. If ducks are your passion, then you won’t want to miss the entertaining stories Petrie shares from a life spent studying, conserving and hunting waterfowl.

Hunter Advocacy with John Devney
This week’s episode of the “Voice of the Duck Hunter” podcast explores Delta’s Defending the Hunt program — a critical initiative that combats threats to duck hunting anytime, anywhere, while also working to increase access to quality waterfowling opportunities.

2020 Fall Flight Forecast
This episode of the “Voice of the Duck Hunter” podcast explores an exciting topic: the 2020 fall flight, including what hunters can expect to see this season across all four flyways.

2020 Goose Fall Flight Forecast
Episode 7 shifts to geese, providing flyway-by-flyway estimates of the fall flights for Canadas, cacklers, snows, Ross’s, specklebellies and even marine geese. Delta’s waterfowl scientist Dr. Chris Nicolai shares insights from a lifetime of studying — and hunting — Arctic-nesting geese.

Delta Podcast- Q&A, Episode 8
This week’s episode of the “Voice of the Duck Hunter” podcast follows your lead: Delta staff answer a variety of fascinating, listener-submitted questions regarding ducks, duck hunting, waterfowl conservation.

Delta Waterfowl Episode 9
Delta Waterfowl talks to professor Dr. Dave Koons of Colorado and Rachel Kanaziz about the declining trend of hunting and how Delta’s innovating their University Hunting Program. Presenters discuss HunteR3 and other hunting engagement trends.

Delta Waterfowl Podcast Episode 10
Delta Waterfowl talks to Scott Carlson of Carlson’s Choke Tubes, discussing patterning shotguns and choke tubes.

Delta Waterfowl Podcast Episode 11
Delta Waterfowl talks to top experts on hen houses and duck production. Joel sits down with Jim Fisher and Matt Chouinard to take a deep dive into everything “Hen Houses”.

Delta Waterfowl Podcast Episode 12
Joel talks with Mark and Leigh from Modern Carnivore about barriers to hunting and effective strategies with R3 efforts.

Delta Waterfowl Podcast Episode 13
Joel talks with Hank Shaw from Hunter Angler Gardner Cook about barriers to hunting and effective strategies with R3 efforts.

Delta Waterfowl Podcast Episode 14
Joel talks with arctic waterfowl expert Dr. Chris Nicolai and South Dakota’s Tim Brown about all things snow geese.

Delta Waterfowl Podcast Episode 15
We’re talking about Predator Management. Areas that Delta targets for predator removal routinely see 2-to-3 fold increases in the hatch rates of duck nests. Dan Brown is one of the trapping professionals behind the work that is giving waterfowl a better chance at success in their breeding grounds.