Spring Issue Celebrates Major Hen House Expansion, Hunter-driven Conservation

Spring is on the horizon, which means one thing at The Duck Hunters Organization: It’s time to manage predators, install new Hen Houses, and make some ducks! And as Delta ramps up the Million Duck Campaign—an ambitious fundraising effort with a goal of adding 1 million ducks to the fall flight every year—there’s never been greater passion behind the effort.

In the Spring Issue of Delta Waterfowl magazine, find out how and why the organization is expanding its mallard-making Hen House program into the pothole-rich state of South Dakota. Plus get an inside scoop on all locations where the innovative, predator-shielding nesting structures are boosting production of greenheads this spring.

Hunters helping make ducks. Hunter dollars protecting vital habitats. Most any experienced waterfowler is familiar with the many conservation benefits afforded through purchases of hunting licenses, duck stamps and related goods. However, even at Delta Waterfowl, we were surprised by the compelling stats within the story, “Why Are Ducks Thriving as Other Birds Decline?” (Spoiler alert: It’s all thanks to duck hunters!)

Ready for some snow geese spiraling above your spread? In “Move the ‘X,’ Find Success,” field editor Brad Fenson explains why “close enough” only works with horseshoes and … snow geese.

Spring is also an underrated time to scout for next fall’s mallards. In “CSI: Marshland Edition,” celebrated writer Nate Corley reveals how careful detective work now can produce duck-full straps in November.

Rounding out the issue’s features, you’ll take in breathtaking images of ring-necked ducks by award-winning photographer Gary Kramer. You’ll go along for the ride as an irresistibly promising north wind inspires Ron Peach to close the season with one last try for giant Canadas. And staff writer Christy Sweigart previews all the excitement you can expect at this year’s Delta Duck Hunters Expo, July 28 to 30, 2023, in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Closing out the issue, the back page “Last Pass” column serves up a loaded question: “What if There Were No Duck Dogs?” We think you’ll agree that retrievers enrich our lives in ways even more important than fetching downed ducks.

As always, the Spring Issue carries a full slate of informative and entertaining columns such as Duck Dogs, Shotgunning, Strategies, and Waterfowl Chef to help you get the most from your waterfowl season.

The only way to receive Delta Waterfowl magazine is to join The Duck Hunters Organization. If you are a member, thank you for your support. The Spring Issue will arrive soon!

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Delta Waterfowl Magazine

Delta’s outstanding membership magazine is published 5 times a year to celebrate the rich traditions of waterfowl hunting throughout the United States and Canada. In addition, the magazine keeps members and supporters informed about the important conservation work The Duck Hunters Organization is doing for ducks and duck hunters.

To join Delta Waterfowl, call (888) 987-3695 or visit deltawaterfowl.org/memberships.

The Spring Issue of Delta Waterfowl Magazine can be seen. A hen mallard and ducklings feature on the cover.