The Duck Hunters Organization

Delta Waterfowl is The Duck Hunters Organization, a leading conservation group founded at the famed Delta Marsh in Manitoba, with its U.S. Headquarters in Bismarck, North Dakota. We work to produce ducks through intensive management programs and conservation of breeding duck habitat. Delta conducts vital waterfowl research and promotes and protects the continuing tradition of waterfowl hunting in North America.

Our Mission

To produce ducks and secure the future of waterfowl hunting.

Our Vision

Abundant waterfowl and endless opportunities for hunters.

We are…

DETERMINED We are fully committed to achieving our mission of producing ducks and securing the future of waterfowl hunting.

EXPERIENCED We recognize the value our team brings in knowledge, skills, and abilities, and we embrace professional development opportunities to maximize our collective future potential.

LIVELY We make sure that enthusiasm and positive energy are present in everything we do.

TEAM-FOCUSED We seek strong collaborative partnerships with others and recognize the value each person brings to achieve our collective goals.

ACCOUNTABLE We work hard to earn the trust of our donors, the public, and each other and hold ourselves accountable to the highest professional standards.