Maximizing Duck Production

Maximizing Duck Production Delta Waterfowl conservation programs will increase the number of ducks in every fall flight By Paul Wait An abundance of quality habitat for [...]

How We Count Ducks

How We Count Ducks Accurate population estimates are critical to hunting regs and making ducks By Bill Miller Each August, North America's waterfowl hunters anxiously count [...]

Expand Your Vocabulary

Expand Your Vocabulary Dupe wary ducks by mastering species-specific sounds By Brian Lovett The familiar quacks, chuckles and highballs of hen mallards dominate duck calling, and for [...]

Get the Range Right

Get the Range Right By Bill Miller Advances in shotshell technology make it possible for us to effectively and efficiently take ducks and geese at greater ranges [...]

7 Keys to Early Season Success

7 Keys to Early Season Success By Bill Miller When the sun comes up on a new duck season, it has been at least eight or nine [...]

Know Your Shotgun

Know Your Shotgun In the first installment, we discuss how to safely operate and familiarize yourself with your shotgun.

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