First Duck

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Stories must be written by the hunter.

First Duck Submission Guidelines

Young hunters can earn a First Duck certificate by sending a letter detailing the experience, along with a high-quality photo, to

First Duck, Delta Waterfowl
1412 Basin Ave.
Bismarck, ND 58504

or by submitting a story and uploading a photo in the form below. Letters must be written by the hunter, and only quality photos will be used.

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Addison Ingels, Kansas

Brandon Ferg, MB

Cassandra Claydon, MB

Andrew Muchler, 14, IN

Brendin Simich, 12, AL

Chase Wilhite, AR

Collin Darbonne, LA

Adam Beavers, NE

Dylan Harms, LA

Cadence Rish, 8,IA

Caitlin Vaughn, 14,CA

JonicaWooton, IN

Jordan Henson, PA

Kai Irlmeier, AZ

Dane Fontenot, 8, LA

Evie Gavette, 8, CO

Lauren Putnins, ON

Lydia Weaver, MI

Matthew Stewart, NY

Gabe Moore, 11, LA

Gage Schutt, 12, WI

Megan Haddad, LA

Owen Kasper, WI

Gracie Arhart, 14, MN

Huck Wegierski, 6, LA

Jacob Feiock, 13, PA

Kamrin Sibley, 14, NV

Kristen Jones, 10, MO

Spencer Miedona, 11, IL

Thomas Ray Benfield III, 11, NC

Vance Heidenreich, 9, MN

Will Barham, 7, VA