the best duck burgers

The Best Duck Burgers The best duck burgers are served with good friends and all your favorite toppings! Ingredients 1 lb. ground [...]

Mocha Spiced Duck with Cherry Sauce

Mocha Spice Rubbed Duck with Cherry Sauce Red wine and dark cherries are combined with fresh duck, shallots, thyme, and balsamic vinegar to make a [...]

Duck Breast Prosciutto

Duck Breast Prosciutto This prosciutto recipe was submitted by Aaron P. in the 2021 Delta Waterfowl Cooking Contest. Minimum ingredients and maximum flavor! CURE [...]

Jalapeño Duck Poppers

Jalapeño Duck Poppers Jalapeño Duck Poppers made with Minnesota Mallard and Arkansas Gadwall. What's in your poppers? INGREDIENTS- 4 Duck breast cut [...]

Duck Blind Breakfast

Duck Blind Breakfast The perfect Blind Breakfast for four. It is perfect as it is a one-pan meal, easily prepped ahead of time and portable to [...]

Duck Poppers

Duck Poppers Duck Poppers à la Delta-the perfect crowd favorite. Savory duck, crispy bacon, and cream cheese-we bet you can't eat just one. This duck poppers [...]

Goose Pastrami

Goose Pastrami Are you looking for a simple way to enjoy both Canada and Snow Geese? This easy recipe is great for group gatherings and for [...]

Snow Goose Sous Vide

Snow Goose Sous Vide Snow goose is a delicious, savory bird. If you have a small gathering or smart occasion, you can celebrate your wild game [...]

Seared Mallard Breasts

Seared Mallard Breasts "What's for supper?" When Delta Waterfowl's managing editor Kyle Wintersteen has his choice, it's seared mallard breasts. It doesn't get any simpler ... or more [...]


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