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The Lowdown on Chokes

The Lowdown on Chokes Shotgun choke is the constriction in the last several inches of the barrel that helps control how quickly [...]

Honey Butter Mallard

Honey Butter Mallard This honey butter mallard recipe is very versatile. It’s a one-pan recipe and a great way to introduce someone to duck for [...]

$10 Million Gift Boosts Million Duck Campaign

$10 Million Gift Boosts Million Duck Campaign Monumental support from James Hambrick propels Delta’s efforts to maximize duck production James Hambrick is pursuing what he terms as a [...]

Maximizing Duck Production

Maximizing Duck Production Delta Waterfowl conservation programs will increase the number of ducks in every fall flight By Paul Wait An abundance of quality habitat for [...]

How We Count Ducks

How We Count Ducks Accurate population estimates are critical to hunting regs and making ducks By Bill Miller Each August, North America's waterfowl hunters anxiously count [...]

Gadwall with Cranberry Stuffing

Gadwall with Cranberry Stuffing The key to savory gadwall is searing fast. The key to cooking classic stuffing is cooking slowly.  And when in doubt, [...]


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