Delta Waterfowl
Legacy Society

The Delta Waterfowl Legacy Society is an exclusive group of visionary individuals who have declared their intent or made a planned gift to Delta. Their selfless generosity helps ensure a bright future for North American waterfowl and the hunting tradition we cherish for generations to come.

To learn more about joining the Delta Waterfowl Legacy Society, or to notify us that you have included Delta into your estate plans, please contact us  or visit our estate and gift planning site.

With thoughtful gift planning, Kurt and Mary Glaeseman have made an indelible impact on waterfowl production and research for generations to come.

Thank You
Legacy Society Members

We are extremely grateful to the following Legacy Society Members who have included Delta into their estate or gift plans through a written declaration of intent, or have made a generous planned gift:

Mr. & Mrs. James and Michelle C. Bates
Mr. Charles H. Bell
Dr. Grant R. Brees
Mr. Peter D. Curry
Mr. Albin Dubiak
Mr. Linn A. Duesterbeck
Mr. William B. Dunavant Jr.
Mr. George C. Freeman, III
Mr. & Mrs. Kurt and Mary L. Glaeseman
Mr. Tim Graham
Mr. & Mrs. Bert and Cheryl Haralson
Mr. & Mrs. Carter and Agnus Harrison
Mr. & Mrs. Ross and Connie Hebblethwaite
Mr. James C. Heinzl
Mrs. Jane Hungelmann
James C. Hanes Memorial Fellowship
James Ford Bell Foundation
Dr. Jerome Katchin
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Leipsic
Mr. Mark C. Lemp Sr.
Mr. Frank R. Liggett III
Ms. Elizabeth B. Losey
Mr. Edward D. Marquardt
Mr. & Mrs. John and Anne Marshall
Mr. & Mrs. Worth and Marge Mathewson
Mr. Michael S. Muller
Honorable John L. Nichol
Mr. Timothy L. Nolde
Mr. Peter F. Olsen
Mr. Darrell Ostrowski
Mr. Louis S. Pope
R. Howard Webster Foundation
Mr. John C. Ryan
S.H. Memorial Fund DuPont
Mr. & Mrs. Mark and Julie L. Sager Miller
Mr. Steve D. Seedorf
Mr. & Mrs. Jim and Estelle Shuttleworth
Mr. Peter W. Spear
Dr. & Mrs. George and Evelyn Tucker
Mr. Robert Vonoepen
W. Sam Carpenter III Memorial Fund
Mr. Norman Walker
Mr. Archie D. Walker Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Henri Wedell
Mr. & Mrs. Gary and Holly Wolf

We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of these records, and apologize for any errors or omissions.  We encourage you to alert us of such by calling us at (888) 987-3695 or emailing, to update our records.