January Migration Report

January Migration Report

Ducks and geese are on the move again as the south thaws following a major cold spell that had iced over much of the country. Here’s Delta’s January migration report, with a look at hunting conditions across all four flyways.



  1. H Haygood Keadle January 17, 2018 at 6:32 pm - Reply

    In the SE why would anyone take up duck hunting? Since 2013 in my home state (Georgia) I have killed no ducks, fired no shots. Hunting in areas where in many years past, my partners and I have killed a fair amount of ducks of many species. (I have been hunting ducks in Georgia over 40 years!) Unless one can join an exclusive duck club or hire a guide in a “real” duck hunting state, one should deer hunt ( or some other species of game) . Both of these options are well out of the price range of most working guys. I like to go multiple times per season since I have a substantial investment in equipment but am discouraged to the point of calling it quits.

  2. Bradley in the Deep South January 18, 2018 at 8:10 pm - Reply

    I am starting to believe the talk in the Deep South that why would any duck fly down here to eat hard to find food when he can stay to the north of the bayou state and eat grain, corn in any shape and other rich food that is served to him and easily found. I do know if I were a duck or any waterfowl I wouldn’t fly down to the Deep South either !!!!!!!! Since 1989 there have been fewer and fewer ducks making that extra few miles to eat wild food that’s so hard to fill the hunger that is needed for the flight back to the most important destiny grounds. I am wide open for comments, and other options !!

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