Duck Dog Tip of the Week: Vaccines and Your Duck Dog

“There is a lot of confusion surrounding canine vaccines and what is appropriate. It is important to understand the differences between vaccines that protect against viruses and those that prevent against bacteria, as well as the unique risks your dog faces based on the areas where you live and hunt. Over the years, research has shown that the protection your dog receives from most of the viral agents (rabies, distemper, parvo, etc.) lasts multiple years when appropriately boostered. In the case of rabies, the longest-lasting product is good for three years (be sure to check local laws and ordinances regarding frequency requirements). That same research has shown that the vaccines for bacterial diseases (leptospirosis, Lyme, Bordetella, etc.) likely don’t last as long as once thought, necessitating yearly boosters for dogs in areas where the diseases are present. There isn’t a cookbook recommendation that applies to all dogs. Appropriate vaccine protocols need to be an individualized discussion with your veterinarian to determine which vaccines and intervals are best for your hunting buddy.” –Dr. Joe Spoo
Duck dog tip of the week brought to you by Eukanuba