Progressive Training

Christ Akin lifts up a golden lab and inspects it while training.

Presented by Eukanuba

Chris Akin of Webb Footed Kennel in Jonesboro, Arkansas, recommends a progressive repetition training method.

“Training has to be done in the correct steps,” he said. “Start off easy and make it a little harder each day. We’ll throw retrieves for puppies at five feet. Over time, distances increase until we’re running adult dogs between 50 and 100 ya rds.

“Dogs learn quickly, and progressive repetition training teaches and reinforces tasks we expect them to master. It also builds the dog’s confidence. And if you’re unsure of what to focus on, just go back to the old handler’s saying that goes,‘Beginners worry aboutwhat novices are doing, novices worry about what the pros are doing … and the pros are worried about the basics.’ Focus your training on heel, sit, stay, and kennel as much as all the advanced skills, and do them with progressive repetition.”

Photo credit: Chris Akin/Webb Footed Kennels/Eukanuba Sporting Dog