Correcting Mid-Season Mischief

The River Stone Kennel trainers are back with a Duck Dog tip about correcting mid-season mischief for Delta Waterfowl. Sponsored by Eukanuba.

Presented by Eukanuba

By the middle of the season, even well-trained retrievers can come unglued as yet another knot of ducks pours into the spread. To get your dog back on track, River Stone Kennel’s Josh Miller, a Eukanuba Pro Trainer, says, “Focus your attention on calming an excited dog. During the preseason, 100% of your attention is on training. But when it comes to hunting, your attention gets split between calling, shooting, marking birds, and many other things. If your dog is acting up, then leave your gun in the rack. Have your buddies do the calling and shooting while you calm down your dog. Work on blind manners, attention, releases, and marks. After your dog relaxes and behaves, you can pull out your call and your shotgun.”