A native of Vermont, Mike Buxton was a standout Delta Waterfowl research technician during his final two summers as an undergraduate student. In 2010, he was accepted into graduate school at Louisiana State University, where his research focused on Delta’s Predator Management program. After defending his thesis and earning a Master of Science degree in wildlife sciences, Delta invited him to return to the organization as waterfowl programs manager.

He has since proven himself a dedicated manager of Delta’s duck production programs and a true innovator. In particular, his ideas and research continue to increase the extreme effectiveness and efficiency of Predator Management.

“I enjoy the opportunity to work on and enhance programs that increase duck production and opportunities for duck hunters across North America,” Buxton said. “Several seasons of field research have given me a unique perspective on how different environmental components interact with each other, and how waterfowl managers must adjust for changing conditions and circumstances. What a duck goes through from spring migration to successfully hatching a nest and raising a brood of ducklings is nothing short of amazing to me.”

While Buxton is fascinated by the ecologies of all waterfowl, his favorite duck is the American wigeon. He enjoys layout hunting in the agricultural fields of prairie Canada and the Upper Midwest United States, training his black Lab, Tank, camping with his wife, Sarah and completing do-it-yourself projects at his home.