Best known as Delta Waterfowl’s Hen House guru, Matt Chouinard developed his passions for waterfowl conservation and hunting while growing up in the “bootheel” of Missouri.

“For me, there’s no better place to watch mallards respond to good calling than the flooded timber of Arkansas and southeast Missouri,” he said. “Every aspect of my work that increases duck populations and hunting opportunities is highly rewarding for me.”

While studying wildlife biology at the University of Missouri, Chouinard spent the summers of 1999 and 2000 as a Delta Waterfowl student research technician. He was a Delta graduate student for two subsequent years, which prepared him for a 3-year stint working for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. However, Chouinard left a lasting impression at Delta, and the organization offered him a full-time role as waterfowl programs manager in 2007.

“I probably get most excited about my job when I see the fruits of our labor,” Chouinard said. “There’s nothing better than seeing a mallard hen nesting in a Delta Hen House!”

In addition to waterfowl hunting, Chouinard enjoys fishing, camping, spending time with his wife, Michelle, and their children, Max and Madeline, and cheering on his favorite sports teams, including the St. Louis Cardinals and University of Missouri Tigers.