Summer Issue Celebrates Duck Dogs

If you’d sooner stay home than hunt without your retriever. Or if you don’t care who shoots the ducks, so long as your dog gets to fetch them. Then you will treasure the Summer Issue of Delta Waterfowl magazine — a special “Duck Dogs” edition of the award-winning membership publication.

“Delta Waterfowl members love their retrievers, and our surveys show that they collectively own more than 75,000 duck dogs,” said Paul Wait, editor of Delta Waterfowl. “The Summer Issue celebrates their passion for retrievers, provides advanced training tips, and includes a guide to selecting the right breed for you.”

In “Retriever Pros Reveal Their Tricks,” field editor Brian Lovett shares unique (and effective) training tips. Digital media creator Ben Peterson presents a stunning photo essay of “Timber Dogs” — black Labs in the flooded forests of Arkansas. Anthony Hauck praises the merits of less common duck blind companions in “The ‘Other’ Duck Dogs.” Wait reveals that a little spaniel played a key role in early operations at the Delta Waterfowl Research Station. And staff writer Bill Miller explains how proper conditioning and nutrition can enhance your dog’s sense of smell.

The Summer Issue also explores Delta’s efforts to provide your dog with more retrieves next season. In “Where Your Ducks Come From,” Miller explains why Delta focuses on core nesting regions to boost your fall flight. And you won’t want to miss, “Should We Shoot More Sprig,” in which managing editor Kyle Wintersteen details Delta research seeking to produce more pintails and expand limits.

As always, the Summer Issue carries a full slate of informative and entertaining columns such as Shotgunning, Strategies, Duck Dogs and Waterfowl Chef to help you get the most from your waterfowl season.

The only way to receive Delta Waterfowl magazine is to join The Duck Hunters Organization. If you are a member, thank you for your support. The Summer “Duck Dogs” Issue will arrive soon!

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