Special Report: Looming Crisis

Special Report: Looming Crisis

Given the interest Delta Waterfowl has received in our Spring Issue’s Special Report, “Looming Crisis: How Declining Waterfowl Hunter Numbers Threaten Our Future,” we have made the story available online. Please share it with anyone who cares about the fate of duck populations, duck hunting or wetland conservation.

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  1. Mike March 22, 2017 at 9:35 pm - Reply

    The problem inow my area is too many hunters and too few birds, unless you have access to private laND that is flooded and baited.

    I used to duck hunt. Too much hassle do I quit.

  2. Murray March 23, 2017 at 11:15 am - Reply

    You need to come to Florida and let me take you then you will rewrite your article. 4th generation florida duck hunter and it’s worse now than its ever been between the state of FL spraying every body of water in sight killing every food source a available and the amount of disrespectful young hunters plus sheer numbers of people make it not enjoyable for me to hunt here anymore.

  3. Jay March 29, 2017 at 8:42 am - Reply

    These guys comments are understandable. What this story failed to mention and is the most obvious reason is money.

    The middle class have been priced out of duck hunting. I never thought that it would cost 5 to 7 thousand for a blind in south Louisiana. Throw in the kids and dollar a pop shells and you can see cost.
    I know, everyone will say you have to pay to play. That’s partly true. Everyone has a ceiling on what duck hunting is really worth.
    Greed and corporate leases have killed duck hunting. It was mentioned about crowds. That’s why you see so many people in little spots. It doesn’t empty their wallets and they are hanging onto the hope of having one more good duck hunt. Crowding on these little public areas causes tension and hunters won’t expose their kids to this.
    Getting back to corporate leases. I have been to these and see what kind of traditions this is creating. Most are invite hunts with no kids allowed. Most are filled with people that could not care less about hunting. Not being ugly towards these guys, but they go mainly for comradery.
    This article is so far off its not even funny. Before you print something like this, why don’t you get with some duck hunters. Seems like a lot of this type stuff going on in this country.
    I have a son that is a true hunter. He is very rare. It is so scary to see that he is usually the only kid in any camp that I go to. Damn, I just realized how true that was. We are in trouble guys and the reasons are obvious. Greed and money

  4. steve March 30, 2017 at 9:12 am - Reply

    Been a duck hunter since the 60’s and started with my dad. We’ve seen the hey days with the low day’s. Comradery is what makes the sport so freat.

    what we’ve seen through the years is a gradual decrease in store visibility of duck hunting equipment, and an increase in visibility of deer and turkey hunting supplies. TV has also put emphasis on the latter 2 hunting sports, so that everyone is looking for that one buck or that ol’ monster tom. Even tv shows that show duck hunting don’t show what the sport is about, but they just go about killing birds and promoting that. When hunts don’t go like the tv shows, kids can sure lose interest.

    Kids these days are bombarded with a variety of sports, and a lot of parents feel kids need to be multi-sport talented, instead of keeping it simple. Many of the fall sports, with practices and games, chew up a lot time that could be used to promote waterfowling.

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  6. Lindsey August 23, 2017 at 5:47 pm - Reply

    The sport is cost prohibitive to begin with…..Live in Texas and it is affordable to kill Dove every day. Steel shot and a huge increase in Duck Stamp from Obama Admin makes Duck hunters think before making those purchases anymore.
    Public lakes and rivers packed with hunters now. I begin to wonder if the counts made on ducks are anywhere close to reality.
    Doing it 15 years now and cannot remember any year better than any other. Weather and Water play a big part in Texas.
    Ask the duck hunters why! This article did not dig very deep. Can we talk about the cost of Decoys………

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