LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: California Hunters Dodge Threat of Additional Firearms and Ammunitions Tax

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The recently completed session of the California legislature produced a good outcome for hunters in the Golden State.

Assembly Bill 1227, which sought to impose an onerous excise tax on firearm and ammunition sales to fund a gun violence prevention, healing and recovery fund, did not advance.

The bill was an attempt to force law-abiding gun owners — hunters and recreational shooters — to pay for the actions of those who use guns to commit crimes. The proposed law would have levied a 10% tax on all handgun sales, and an 11% tax on all shotguns, rifles and ammunition. A similar bill introduced in 2021 also failed.

“It was just an all-around bad bill that would have wrongfully taxed law-abiding sportsmen and women to pay for something we have nothing to do with: gun violence,” said Cyrus Baird, senior director of government affairs for Delta Waterfowl. “In addition, added taxes would drive up the cost of hunting firearms and ammunition and hurt hunter recruitment and retention efforts in California.”

Delta Waterfowl issued two alerts opposing the bill through the Duck Hunters Action Alert System (HERE), helping hundreds of hunters contact their legislators to voice their opinions.

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