Fall Issue Explores Hunter Recruitment, Forecasts Fall Flight

“Take a kid hunting.”

It’s a slogan we’ve all heard numerous times — one many of us live by — but is the youth-driven approach to hunter recruitment working? Strong evidence suggests it is not. Or at least that it’s not working well enough to sustain the ranks of our hunting population in North America.

In the Fall Issue of Delta Waterfowl magazine, editor Paul Wait explores the looming crisis posed by declining hunter numbers, and explains why The Duck Hunters Organization is adapting its hunter recruitment programs to more actively engage non-hunters in their 20s to early 30s.

Delta’s Fall Issue also signals that hunting season is upon us! Inside you’ll find cutting-edge analysis of the 2019 Waterfowl Population Status Report, plus an in-depth forecast of this year’s duck and goose fall flights across all four flyways.

The hunting-packed issue includes a thrilling trip to Alaska for emperor geese — after three decades of closed seasons, Dr. Chris Nicolai and his daughter both drew coveted non-resident tags. You’ll learn that Arkansas has a lot more to offer the traveling greenhead addict than its trademark flooded timber. And you’ll venture to a cherished Oklahoma honeyhole that provides whistling wood ducks and timeless memories.

You’ll also find plenty of new, innovative strategies to improve your success and enjoyment of the hunt. Brian Lovett details how to call ducks like a pro, while Jeff Johnston reveals that what jump shooting lacks in romance, it makes up for with duck dinners. Speaking of which, Brad Fenson outlines the keys to creating savory duck dishes with cast iron and a splash of bourbon.

Chris Smith explains why your non-hunting adult friends can be ready-made waterfowlers, while stunning photos by Jake Terry document a chance meeting at a Delta Waterfowl event that literally saved the life of a Mississippi man.

As always, the Fall Issue carries a full slate of informative and entertaining columns such as Duck Dogs, Shotgunning, Strategies and Traditions to help you get the most from your waterfowl season.

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