Delta’s Hunt Annual Issue Showcases New Gear, Investigates Declining Hunter Numbers

If you’re a member of The Duck Hunters Organization, then your favorite magazine of the year—the Delta Waterfowl “Hunt Annual”—will arrive soon!

Delta’s Hunt Annual Issue Showcases New Gear, Investigates Declining Hunter Numbers

What’s your favorite sign that duck season is around the corner? The subtle shortening of days, or that first cool breeze on your neck? Maybe it’s the first flights of blue-winged teal winging overhead. Or, just maybe, it’s the arrival of Delta Waterfowl’s popular Hunt Annual Issue! 

Do we have enough duck hunters? In the 2023 Hunt Annual, a “Special Report” by Delta’s Paul Wait dives deep into a looming conservation crisis—declining waterfowl hunter numbers. Wait investigates the complicated reasons why the downward trend continues, while also exploring innovative new solutions to recruit, retain, and reactivate duck hunters.

The Hunt Annual is packed with tales to fight off these final weeks of longing for the duck blind. We’ll take you to South Carolina, where ringnecks prove to be a challenging quarry during the 2022 Delta Decoy Hunt; you’ll revel in a hunter’s lifelong pursuit of his first pintail; you’ll reminisce in the heartfelt value you found in “family ’fowling”; and your waterfowling passion will be stoked by “Teal Time,” a photo essay chronicling the beauty and joys of September seasons.

In “Kansas Flips the Script,” Delta Waterfowl editor Kyle Wintersteen tells an exciting tale of an arctic blast that changed waterfowling fortunes overnight. “The Case for Bismuth” by M.D. Johnson explains why after three decades of shotshell innovations, bismuth remains tough to beat. And you don’t want to miss “Cacklers Versus Canadas,” a fascinating read from contributor David Rearick that details the subtle differences between North America’s white-cheeked geese.

As Delta Waterfowl’s largest magazine of the year, the 2023 Hunt Annual brims with strategies to improve your success. There’s a detailed infographic on “Gunfitting for Women,” field editor Brian Lovett provides tips on surviving (and thriving) on packed public openers, and a Shotgunning column provides insights into building a better duck gun.

Is it time to treat yourself to some new waterfowl hunting equipment or clothing? Delta’s 2023 Gear Guide is your premier source for the hottest new products for men and women, from decoys, calls, shotguns and ammo, to waders, boats, and retriever accessories. Best of all, when you purchase any of the products profiled, you’re supporting important Delta advertisers and sponsors—companies that help us make more ducks for you.

The Hunt Annual also includes informative and entertaining columns such as Duck Dogs, Waterfowl Chef, Strategies, and Last Pass to help you get the most from your season.

Of course, the only way to receive Delta Waterfowl magazine and the 2023 Hunt Annual is to join The Duck Hunters Organization. If you are a member, thank you for your support. The Hunt Annual will arrive soon!

To join Delta Waterfowl, call (888) 987-3695 or visit—Christy Sweigart