Delta’s 2017 Hunt Annual is Essential Reading for Waterfowl Hunters

Your favorite time of the year (ours too) is fast approaching. Duck and goose broods are growing fast, and the birds soon will be stretching their wings to migrate south. Are you ready?

Delta Waterfowl is helping you prepare for an excellent hunting season with the 2017 Hunt Annual. This special issue features excellent how-to stories such as “8 Diver Hunting Mistakes,” “Freelancing Canada” and “Hidden Honeyholes.” If you’re ready to hit a prime waterfowling destination for a “bucket list” hunt, we have you covered with our special “Top Waterfowl Adventures” section.

You certainly won’t want to miss Kyle Wintersteen’s Texas memorable teal hunt with his father, nor the story about a special wounded veteran’s hunt on the Mississippi River. And by all means, come along for a cackling goose hunt in Washington — we can see them cupping now as they noisily descend into the spread.

Set for delivery to Delta members about Aug. 10, the Hunt Annual also serves as a great guide to the very best in new waterfowl hunting gear. From decoys to calls, shotguns to ammo, waders to camo, boats and more, we lay out top products from Delta advertisers and sponsors for you. Almost forgot: We have some new tools for your faithful retriever, too.

If you love to hunt ducks and geese — and we know you do — the 2017 Hunt Annual was made for you!

The only way to receive Delta Waterfowl magazine is to join The Duck Hunters Organization. If you are a member, thank you for your support. The 2017 Hunt Annual will arrive soon.

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