Delta Waterfowl’s Fall Issue Forecasts Fall Flight, Delivers Mentoring Advice

The Fall Issue of Delta Waterfowl magazine provides a must-read story for every North American waterfowler: the 2020 Flight Forecast. Every species … every flyway … Delta Waterfowl biologists have you covered with what to expect above your decoys in the season ahead. Given the cancellation of the 2020 USFWS Breeding Waterfowl Population Survey, you won’t find this level of expert analysis anywhere else.

Speaking of the waterfowl survey, did you know the world’s largest wildlife census — an annual index of North America’s breeding ducks encompassing 2 million square miles — was devised at the Delta Waterfowl Research Station in Manitoba? You won’t want to miss the Traditions column, “Counting North America’s Ducks,” in which editor Paul Wait dives into this fascinating chapter in waterfowl history

Planning to mentor a new waterfowler this season? Make your gift to conservation count by first reading, “Tried-and-True Tips for Mentors.” Delta staff writer Bill Miller reveals a whopping 32 ways to ensure newcomers get hooked on duck hunting.

In further celebrating mentorship, you’ll relish in the photo feature, “Passing the Torch,” in which stirring images reveal the making of a new waterfowler as he takes his first mallards, pintails and Canada geese. And new contributor Ryan Chelius tells the tale of two college buddies who trade fly fishing and waterfowling know-how.

The hunting-packed issue contains an essay by Anthony Hauck about a father and son navigating the muck of shorelines and life, and a laugh-out-loud piece by Nate Corley that follows the foibles — and ultimate success — of a pair of hunters who venture blindly into a crowded public hunting area. You’ll also head to Texas where a unique setup on the foggy banks of an abandoned gravel pit lead to vanishing teal, ghostly sprig and warm shotgun barrels.

Additionally, the Fall Issue provides plenty of tips and innovative strategies to improve your success and enjoyment of the hunt. Ken Bailey will help you troubleshoot your hunt when fog, snow and shifting winds threaten to spoil your morning, while Brian Lovett compares the differing merits that American-bred Labs and British imports offer today’s waterfowler.

As always, the Fall Issue carries a full slate of informative and entertaining columns such as Duck Dogs, Shotgunning, Strategies, Duckology and Waterfowl Chef to help you get the most from your waterfowl season.

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