Delta Waterfowl’s 2020 Hunt Annual Celebrates Opening Day, University Hunting Program

Delta Waterfowl’s University Hunting Program arose in response to a brewing crisis: Today, up to 70 percent of wildlife management students do not come from hunting backgrounds. That is a dramatic shift from previous generations, when nearly all aspiring wildlife professionals supported and participated in hunting.

In the 2020 Hunt Annual Issue of Delta Waterfowl magazine, you’ll follow along as four groups of non-hunting wildlife students bag their first ducks and geese through Delta’s University Hunting Program. Spoiler alert: Several of the young adults began the program as skeptics of hunting’s role in conservation, and left as full-fledged advocates for waterfowling.

The 2020 Hunt Annual also celebrates the approaching season with gripping tales of waterfowl adventure across North America, plus all the strategies and gear you need to improve your success.

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The Hunt Annual is brimming with stories to whet your palate for another exciting opening day. We’ll take you to a Delaware salt marsh, where black ducks toll to an elegant block of hand-carved decoys; to North Dakota for prime early season waterfowling; and to Saskatchewan, where hunters are thrilled by a mixed bag of geese, ducks and cranes. You’ll relish in the rich waterfowling history of Minnesota’s Heron Lake — where a new Delta Waterfowl Hen House Supersite is boosting the fall mallard flight. And if you’ve ever dreamed of hunting the hallowed flooded forests of the southern United States, you won’t want to miss our expert guide for first-time timber hunters.

Got Canada geese on the brain? This year’s “Great Destinations” feature reveals the best places to hunt honkers throughout North America.

The Hunt Annual also includes informative and entertaining columns such as Duck Dogs, Shotgunning, Strategies, Waterfowl Chef and Traditions to help you get the most from your waterfowl season.

Of course, the only way to receive Delta Waterfowl magazine and the 2020 Hunt Annual is to join The Duck Hunters Organization. If you are a member, thank you for your support. The Hunt Annual will arrive soon!

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