Delta Waterfowl Welcomes New Regional Director for Ontario

WINNIPEG — Blake Schmirler is Delta Waterfowl’s new regional events director for Ontario.

Schmirler, 34, is a passionate, life-long waterfowl hunter who has served as a conservation volunteer, led sporting goods store departments and guided waterfowlers for more than a decade in Alberta.

As a regional director, Schmirler will lead Delta’s existing chapters and start new chapters in Ontario. His goal is to conduct successful fundraising events that support Delta’s mission to produce ducks and ensure the future of duck hunting throughout North America.

“I want to bring some stability to Ontario, and to help our volunteers grow their chapters,” he said. “I’d also like to bring greater awareness to all of the great volunteers we have here in the province.”

Schmirler grew up along the shores of Lake Erie, and he recalls how his father first took him hunting at Long Point at age 4. Seemingly, his destiny for a career related to waterfowl and hunting was cast.

“I’m attracted to Delta Waterfowl because it is The Duck Hunters Organization,” he said. “I want to work in waterfowl conservation and do something I love. It’s always been my goal.”

Schmirler lives in Barrie, Ontario. He can be reached at or (705) 331-8316.

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