Delta Waterfowl Supports Seven-Day Hunting in Prince Edward Island

Removing the antiquated regulation restriction could double opportunity for days afield for many Prince Edward Island waterfowlers

Black Duck hunting in Prince Edward Island, November 2013.

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January 19, 2024

PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND, CANADA — Subsequent to the Canadian Wildlife Service of Environment and Climate Change Canada launching their public consultations on proposed amendments to the hunting regulations under the Migratory Birds Regulations, 2022, Delta Waterfowl is now calling on the Honourable Steven Myers, Minister of Environment, Energy, and Climate Action for Prince Edward Island to follow suit and remove the antiquated regulation restricting seven-day hunting in the province.

Part of ECCC’s proposed regulation amendments include an increase in the number of duck hunting days throughout PEI to the maximum allowable of 107. This amendment would increase the province’s duck season by 15 days, ultimately providing additional opportunities for duck hunters.

“While this is welcomed news, the province would still have to remove their restriction of seven-day hunting in order for hunters to take advantage of the entire season,” said Brian McRae, Delta’s director of government affairs—Canada. Nationally, PEI is last in providing hunting opportunities seven days a week.”

Neighbouring provinces have also recently removed similar restrictions. Newfoundland and Labrador removed all Sunday hunting restrictions last year, and New Brunswick expanded their Sunday hunting opportunities from three weekends to 12 in 2020.

For decades, Delta Waterfowl has been a leader in advocating for the removal of these restrictions across North America. Times have changed, and for a large percentage of the population, Sundays are no longer viewed as a day of rest as they once were. For many of today’s working families and students, the weekends are the only time they can go hunting. Allowing seven days could essentially double their opportunities for days to go afield.

“We fully support removing the restrictions to seven-day hunting in PEI,” said McRae. “Delta Waterfowl works tirelessly to maintain and enhance opportunities for duck and goose hunters throughout North America. Supporting seven-day hunting in Prince Edward Island is a prime example.”

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