Delta Waterfowl Celebrates Mentors,
New Hunters

When you mentor a new hunter this season, be sure to share your story and a photo to receive some amazing keepsakes from Delta’s Mentor Recognition program. Below is a great submission by Rylan Grueter of Regina, Saskatchewan! And don’t forget, when a new hunter bags a first duck, he or she can also earn a Delta First-Duck Pin and other great prizes from Realtree by submitting a photo along with a letter detailing the experience.

“This was my son’s first time out in any type of hunting experience. It was him, my brother Shaun, and myself along with my brother’s dog, Mabel. My son is only 7 years old, so too young to be shooting wildlife yet, but he was full willing and able to help set up decoys, blow the calls, watch the birds coming in and flying by, and experiencing all the other enjoyable moments of a goose and duck hunt. He took part in both a field hunt for geese and a hunt for ducks over the water. He later stated that field hunting geese was his favorite part, though I think the decision may have been tougher had he been equipped with his own pair of waders so that he could set decoys in the water with us! Photo is of me and my son with Mabel.”

-Delta Waterfowl member and volunteer, Rylan Grueter