Delta Waterfowl Applauds Removal of Sunday Hunting Ban on Prince Edward Island

Weekend waterfowling opportunity doubles for Islanders, who will gain 18 more days to hunt ducks and geese this season

A duck hunter checks a decoy while on a hunt for black ducks in Prince Edward Island.

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April 25, 2024

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA — The General Assembly of Prince Edward Island passed Bill 58 on Tuesday, repealing a longstanding ban on Sunday hunting in the island province.

“We applaud the action by the provincial government of PEI to remove an outdated ban on Sunday hunting,” said Brian McRae, Delta director of government affairs for Canada. “Including the early Canada goose season, it’s going to add 18 days to the upcoming waterfowl hunting seasons for island residents, and it effectively doubles the opportunities for many hunters—families and students who can only hunt on weekends.”

Delta Waterfowl has led efforts to change antiquated bans on Sunday hunting throughout North America. Allowing people to hunt seven days a week improves hunter recruitment, retention, and reactivation.

“Delta—The Duck Hunters Organization—continues to push for opportunities so more people can enjoy hunting,” McRae said. “Specifically in PEI, John Clements, a Delta senior regional director who lives there, has worked incredibly hard to advocate for seven-day hunting.”

With the elimination of the Sunday hunting ban in PEI, every province in Canada now allows seven-day hunting, although some Sunday restrictions remain in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and municipalities in Ontario. Newfoundland and Labrador removed all Sunday hunting restrictions in 2023, and several townships in Ontario recently have changed laws to open Sundays for hunting.

“We’re ecstatic with the result to allow Sunday hunting on PEI,” McRae said. “It’s important to take time to celebrate this new opportunity. We want to thank the province for making this change to allow islanders the ability to hunt on their precious weekends with family and friends.”

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