Delta Waterfowl and SoundGear Announce Continued Partnership

The Minnesota-based company offers high-quality hearing protection and enhancement products for waterfowlers

A flock of mallards flies over a brown field. The Delta Waterfowl and SoundGear logos can be seen.

The Duck Hunters Organization and SoundGear, a brand representing the latest advancements in hearing protection and enhancement products, have renewed their partnership in support of ducks and duck hunters.

“Conservation is at the heart of SoundGear and Delta Waterfowl,” said Michael Scholl, chief business development officer and EVP of corporate relations for SoundGear. “This is why SoundGear is proud to continue partnering with Delta Waterfowl in 2024. Conserving the hearing of duck hunters to allow them to safely enjoy their passion is critical. With our continued support, we aim to protect hearing and educate duck hunters on the importance of hearing health so they can enjoy the outdoors for years to come. ”

SoundGear products are manufactured by Starkey, a global leader in hearing technology. Headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, they represent the latest advancements in hearing protection and enhancement products. Their unique technology enhances external sounds while protecting one’s hearing, providing the situational awareness hunters need to stay safe and protected amidst their outdoor pursuits.

“SoundGear provides an outstanding product, has a team who’s deeply passionate about helping duck hunters stay safe and healthy, and continually rises to the task in their support of our organization,” said Brad Heidel, senior director of marketing and corporate relations for Delta Waterfowl. “We look forward to continuing to build this partnership for many years to come.”—Christy Sweigart