Delta Waterfowl and Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation Sign MOU at 19th Annual NASC Sportsman-Legislator Summit

Agreement between The Duck Hunters Organization and CSF strengthens the voice of waterfowlers in political arenas

John Devney and a member of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation at the signing of the MOU at 19th Annual NASC Sportsman-Legislator Summit

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December 6, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C.– This past week Delta Waterfowl and the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation signed a memorandum of understanding at the NASC Sportsman-Legislator Summit in Bozeman, Montana.

CSF, the leading advocate for sportsmen and women in the political arena, and Delta, are pleased to announce the formalization of an already successful partnership. Through entrance into this MOU, Delta and CSF will create synergy and collaboration at the state, regional, and national levels between two of America’s leading sporting-conservation organizations.

“In 2022, CSF and Delta were able to achieve several legislative goals together,” said CSF President and CEO Jeff Crane. “From the historic expansion of Sunday hunting opportunities in Virginia to the passage of legislation in Kansas which created lifetime youth licenses, the work between our two organizations is already paying dividends for America’s 55 million sportsmen and women. By formally establishing our partnership we can more effectively encourage collaboration, bipartisanship, and opportunity for sportsmen and women today, and for generations to come.”

Representing an opportunity to combine the power of CSF’s legislative leadership with Delta’s mission and membership, this partnership will bring together Delta’s Government Affairs staff with the CSF Team to facilitate collaboration and communication. This working relationship will allow Delta to connect with the Caucuses with whom CSF works closely while granting CSF the opportunity to connect and engage with Delta’s members and volunteers in support of our shared missions.

“Delta and CSF have worked together on shared policy priorities for years,” John Devney, chief policy officer for Delta Waterfowl explained. “This MOU is a formalization of that already impactful partnership and will continue to secure beneficial outcomes for ducks, duck habitat, and duck hunters in the future.”

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