Delta Re-Doubles Efforts to Keep You Connected

During this unprecedented time of isolation, Delta Waterfowl is increasing communication to keep you in the loop on its never-ending work on duck production, habitat conservation, research and education and HunteR3 initiatives.

You can listen to the new Delta Waterfowl podcast on Apple, Spotify, and TuneIn.

Intro to New Delta Video Series and Podcasts
Dr. Scott Petrie announces an exciting new informational series of videos and podcasts detailing Delta Waterfowl’s work on habitat conservation, duck production, HunteR3, and research and education.

Duck Production for Mallards
Dr. Frank Rohwer explains that events on the breeding grounds — nest success, hen survival, predation — drive duck production for mallards.

Why More Wetlands Mean More Ducks
John Devney of Delta Waterfowl illustrates why small wetlands are critically important habitat for breeding ducks.

Delta Waterfowl Podcast #1
In Delta’s inaugural podcast, Dr. Frank Rohwer and host Joel Brice discuss the habitat needs of breeding ducks, as well as the best ways to conserve habitat to maximize duck populations.

Habitat Conservation – The Delta Waterfowl Way
All habitat conservation efforts are not equal. John Devney of Delta Waterfowl gives you an under-the-hood look at how The Duck Hunters Organization does habitat conservation and why it’s so successful in both the U.S. and Canada.

Delta Podcast Explores Key Factors in Producing More Ducks
This week’s episode of the Delta Waterfowl Podcast digs deep into the most important factors in waterfowl recruitment — aka duck production. Delta president Dr. Frank Rohwer joins host Joel Brice, Delta’s vice president of waterfowl and hunter recruitment, to discuss the key influences on whether duck populations rise or fall.

Delta’s Top Mallard Production Tool — New Video Explores Hen Houses
Delta’s fleet of nearly 9,000 Hen Houses is one of the most effective, cost-efficient solutions available for boosting mallard production in the prairie pothole region. Here’s a look at how Hen Houses are deployed and why they add so many mallards to the fall flight.

Delta’s Answer to the Number One Reason for Duck Nest Failure
The odds are stacked against upland-nesting ducks in the prairie pothole region. In this video, vice president of waterfowl and hunter recruitment programs Joel Brice reveals how Delta’s Predator Management program boosts nest success as much as 10-fold — or more — in high-density nesting areas.

Delta’s “Voice of the Duck Hunter” Podcast – Waterfowl Research and Education
This week, the “Voice of the Duck Hunter” podcast shares a comprehensive look at Delta’s research and education programs — and the folks who manage them. In both aspects — research and education — Delta has a storied and revolutionary history that continues today.

Delta Waterfowl Seeks Solutions to “The Pintail Problem”
The 2019 breeding population survey revealed, once again, that northern pintail populations remain well-below their long-term average. Unlike other puddle duck species, pintails have never fully recovered from the extended droughts of the 1980s. In this week’s video, Delta president Dr. Frank Rohwer reveals five core issues behind “the pintail problem.”

Atlantic Flyway Mallards – What You Need to Know
Delta is hard at work to get eastern mallards back on track. In this week’s Delta Update Video, Dr. Frank Rohwer describes groundbreaking Delta research aimed at boosting mallard populations in the Atlantic Flyway.

Delta’s “Voice of the Duck Hunter” Podcast – Meet the CEO of Delta Waterfowl
This week, the “Voice of the Duck Hunter” podcast is joined by one of the world’s leading biologists — Dr. Scott Petrie, CEO of Delta Waterfowl. If ducks are your passion, then you won’t want to miss the entertaining stories Petrie shares from a life spent studying, conserving and hunting waterfowl.

Another Delta Hen House Success — Moments Leading to the Moment of Truth
Success! While making his usual rounds, our Matt Chouinard came across a Delta Hen House in the early stages of hatching a clutch of mallards. Learn what unfolds in the final hours leading up to another Delta duck production moment of truth.