Canada Geese Featured on 2017 Canadian Conservation Stamp

A pair of Canada geese loafing peacefully at the water’s edge will grace the 2017 Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp and Print. The winning painting, “Tranquil Waters,” is an acrylic work by Angela Lorenzen, a self-taught artist residing near London, Ontario.

Available for $8.50, the stamps are primarily purchased by waterfowl hunters to validate their migratory game bird hunting permits. Since 1985, stamp sales have generated in excess of $50 million in support of more than 1,500 Wildlife Habitat Canada conservation projects — including Delta Waterfowl’s Hunter Education and Recruitment Initiative, and breeding duck habitat conservation in Alberta.

Lorenzen’s entry won out over a field of more than 40 Canadian wildlife artists at Wildlife Habitat Canada’s annual art competition. Artists vying for the 2018 stamp will depict wood ducks.