Yandell, 65, has been on the Delta Waterfowl Board of Directors since October 2012 and served as its chairman through February of 2021.

He has a diverse business background with experience in agriculture, oil and gas, wireless telecommunications and real estate. In 2010, he became a partner at Heritage Land and Development, a company that redevelops historical buildings, and he continues today as a real estate developer.

Yandell holds degrees from Woodberry Forest School, Rhodes College, and the University of Mississippi Law School. He has been a member of the Mississippi Bar since 1981.

His hunting career began at age 6, taking a single-shot .410 afield for doves. He went on his first duck hunt two years later at a flooded timber club in Mississippi.

“I love any type of wingshooting, but duck hunting is my favorite,” Yandell said. “I like to hunt ducks in all types of environments – marsh, pond or green timber. When I was young, my favorite duck was the ring-necked ducks because they are so fast. I remember when hunting with my father, I would want to shoot the ringnecks, and he wanted to shoot the mallards.”

During Yandell’s term as board chairman, Delta made monumental gains in habitat conservation through the inclusion of the organization’s Working Wetlands program and by working with Manitoba to develop the GROW program. Both ensure that breeding ducks have excellent places to nest and raise broods. Delta’s innovative duck production programs — Predator Management and Hen Houses — have continued to thrive, and Delta launched HunteR3, an initiative that includes the University Hunting Program, First Hunt and Defending the Hunt.