Her connection with the outdoors is important to Whitlee LaMontagne. She grew up in Mandan, North Dakota. She loves spending time with her family in outdoor activities. That includes floating up or down the Missouri River and hanging out on its many sandbars.

On other days, she can be found working hard in the barn or traveling to horse shows around the United States and Canada taking care of her family’s five Arabian horses. She also enjoys spending time with their two toy Australian shepherds named “Obi” and “Lando.”

“My husband introduced me to Delta Waterfowl after he worked with them during an annual audit,” LaMontagne said. “My role as Director of Development Operations gives me the opportunity to work with an incredible group of people each day with the same goals in mind. I am very detail-oriented, and really like to make a difference in what I do.”

She is a liberal arts (music) graduate of North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Additionally, she has more than five years of finance and facilities management experience.

Professional development, improving her skills, and the ability to serve the cause better are all important to LaMontagne.

“I’m known for my outgoing personality and my ethic to work hard and do good work,” she said.

While she doesn’t hunt herself, LaMontagne said she appreciates the fruits of the hunters’ labors and enjoys stories about hunting. She loves to learn about Delta members’ hunting histories and passions.

What are two things she couldn’t give up?

“That would be Coca-Cola and T.J. Maxx,” she said.