Memories of hunting, fishing, Jacques Costeau, and Marlin Perkins set Dave Messics on a life’s path destined to be intertwined with conservation. He grew up in the rolling hills of eastern Pennsylvania learning about wildlife in every way he could.

Later, Messics earned a wildlife sciences degree with an environmental resource management minor from Penn State. He spent the next 30 years working for non-profits, mostly in the conservation arena.

As a lifelong waterfowler, he considers joining the Delta family to be the capstone of his career.

“I am able to get out of bed every morning knowing I’m helping to advance waterfowl conservation and to put more ducks over our decoys in the fall,” Messics said. “I consider that a true blessing.”

Those who have come to know Messics along his career path appreciate his passion for the outdoors, trustworthiness and impeccable integrity.

When he’s not developing major donors for Delta Waterfowl in the Atlantic Flyway, you’ll likely find him on the water in one way or another. He enjoys fly fishing, and of course, duck hunting.

“I love hunting canvasbacks and bluebills,” Messics said. “It doesn’t really matter where, as long as I’m in good company.”

For many years, that good company was his now 12-year-old yellow Lab, Winston. Sadly, while the family was on vacation years back, Winston lost a leg in an accident.

“He recovered remarkably well and could run as fast on three legs as he did on four, Messics said. “He just couldn’t stop on a dime. We don’t let him run much any more now for fear of injury to one of his good legs, but we spent countless days in the fields and blinds in our younger days. He’s the best dog ever!”

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