Raised in Dallas, Sean Stone’s passion for hunting, fishing, and enjoying the diverse terrain of Texas first began at the side of his uncle. That same love of the outdoors, wildlife, and the conservation of both has encouraged him to gravitate towards those with similar passions.

“I feel very fortunate to be able to spend time with those who have a love for nature and sport, and at the same time share what I’ve learned over many years in the conservation world with them,” Stone said. His career includes more than two decades of experience in development for the “hook and bullet” industry.

“I like to take every opportunity to advocate for conservation, proactive management, and replenishment of our environment and resources so that we can continue to enjoy the outdoors for many years—and many generations—to come,” Stone said. “I am excited about Delta Waterfowl’s mission and focus, and I’m thrilled to share it with as many outdoorsmen as will listen.”

As an avid outdoorsman himself, Stone has had the opportunity to hunt across North America, the North and South Platte regions being a few of his best-loved experiences. During the hunting season you will find him in the fields or marshes, but when the season hits a close, he spends his days casting a fly rod or watching his youngest son play baseball.

“We are also big fans of college athletics,” Stone said. “Cheering on my alma mater, Texas Tech University, or my adopted alma mater (wife’s alma mater), Texas A&M, and often traveling to College Station from Houston when we are able to attend football, basketball, or baseball games.”

Stone resides in Houston, Texas with his wife, three sons, and family dog “Aggie”—a Labrador and golden retriever mix that seems to have misplaced the retrieving trait, unless it is for a tasty treat.