Erika’s passion for hunting and the outdoors led her to the doorstep of Delta Waterfowl. Spending much of her childhood in North Fork and later graduating with a bachelor’s degree from the University of North Dakota, she is a proud native of the state.

“After working in several different career fields, I came upon a job posting for Delta,” Gallaway stated. “I thought it would be an excellent way for me to not only further my passion for hunting and enjoying the outdoors, but to also be part of an organization that works to preserve those same opportunities in the future.”

Her love for the outdoors began at a young age and at the encouragement of her family, like many. Growing up, hunting grouse and waterfowl or going fishing throughout the state were a beloved way to spend the day together. After moving to Bismarck, she still continues to hunt, though primarily deer and pheasants.

When she is not hard at work, her time is well spent painting, drawing, playing guitar, or traveling. Though she does not yet have her own four-legged friend, she loves to live vicariously through others, flocking any dog she meets!