Dawn Hoff was born in Branson, Missouri, and moved to North Dakota at a very young age, living the majority of her life in the town of Bismarck and later graduating from Bismarck High School.

Prior to joining The Duck Hunters Organization, she spent 16 years as the owner and operator of her home daycare business before moving on to more administratively-focused positions. This change in career and yearning to make a difference led her to find Delta Waterfowl.

“I am most passionate about helping others, engaging employees in the culture, and helping them to succeed,” she said. “I love to work within a team that supports the common goal for all, whether that be employee appreciation events or simply showing daily appreciation.”

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time anywhere but inside.

“I love to travel when I can, particularly to warm destinations,” she said. “Anything outdoors in the nice weather including kayaking, swimming, and boating among others. I also enjoy spending time with my three adult children, weekend getaways with friends to Deadwood, or doing yardwork at home.”

If there was one thing she could not give up, it would undoubtedly be her children and her family.