Turnbull70has served on the Delta Waterfowl Foundation Board as a director-at-large since of spring of 2018. 

He is the vice president/general manager of Pollyco Developments and president of W.G. Turnbull & Associates Real Estate Development. 

Amassing an impressive resume of philanthropic accomplishments, Turnbull has been an avid and active conservationist of fish and wildlife for more than 40 years. His efforts have been recognized in Canada with “Order of the Bighorn” and a “Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.” 

For 10 years, Turnbull served on the board of directors of the Long Point Waterfowl Wetland Research Center for Great Lakes in Ontario, Canada. That’s where me met Delta Waterfowl CEO Dr. Scott Petrie, who was then Long Point Waterfowl’s executive director. 

Additionally, Turnbull has the distinction of having co-hosted one of the largest conservation fundraisers in North America. The 2007 event in Calgary raised more than $2 million in one evening.