Landwehr, 64, joined Delta’s Board of Directors in February 2020.

He is the former commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, serving from 2011 to 2019 by appointment of Governor Mark Dayton. Landwehr’s role as commissioner put him in charge of the state’s public lands and waters, state parks and forests, timber and mineral resources, recreational trails and fish and wildlife. The Minnesota DNR’s annual budget is $600 million with a staff of 4,000.

Leading up to his appointment, Landwehr held numerous conservation positions including assistant state director (Minnesota/North Dakota/South Dakota) of the Nature Conservancy, Iowa/Minnesota conservation director for Ducks Unlimited and wildlife management roles with the Minnesota DNR.

Currently, he is the executive director of the non-profit Northeastern Minnesotans for Wilderness – a group committed to protecting the Boundary Waters Canoe Area from mining and development.

Landwehr says his passion for hunting was inspired by his father, but ultimately pursued by his own initiative.

“My father was a big outdoorsman, and duck hunting was his passion,” Landwehr said. “While he died when I was quite young, I was smitten early with a longing for the outdoors and a passion of my own for waterfowling. In high school and college, my pals and I learned by trial and error how to become efficient waterfowlers. Today, I hunt deer, turkey, pheasant and grouse, but I am especially keen on hunting divers. I love to chase bluebills, ringnecks, redheads and cans in Minnesota and Manitoba.”

Board of directors vice chair Michael Mooney invited Landwehr to participate in a habitat restoration initiative at Minnesota’s famed Heron Lake. They worked together to develop a plan and secure funding. Subsequently, Mooney invited him to participate in Delta’s strategic planning process and nominated him for a seat on the board.

“Because of my deep passion and commitment to the natural world and to the hunting heritage, I have spent my entire professional career furthering conservation, especially for the prairies and prairie wildlife,” Landwehr said. “Delta has an impeccable heritage of waterfowl research and conservation. It is a privilege and honor to help guide the future work of this fine organization.”