Stacy admits to coming to hunting later in life after growing up in northern Illinois and living in Florida for more than two decades. However, her passion for the outdoors and conservation now runs deep.

She was introduced to Delta Waterfowl in 2021 by a friend. She and her husband attended a meeting about starting a new local chapter and the next thing she knew, she was nominated to be its secretary. Through that experience she came to enjoy planning their banquet and spreading the word about Delta’s mission.

Stacy says, “I am passionate about getting people excited about conservation. I did not grow up fishing or hunting and took our wild spaces for granted. Now that I am older, I see how important it is to get more people to be advocates. We must in order to protect the future of hunting and duck populations. I hope I can show just a couple people that may have grown up like me that it’s not too late to get involved if it is something you are truly passionate about. Don’t be scared to jump right in; we are all here to support you!”

On weekends, you can find Stacy with her husband on their mud boat enjoying local rivers, springs and sandbars with their friends. She feels fortunate that they live surrounded by several WMA’s and public waterways that allow them to recreate 365 days a year.

As to her favorite kind of hunting, she says it is anywhere she is hunting with friends and adds, “I have walked into hunts before with strangers, and we have all left at the end as friends. I have met so many amazing people throughout the waterfowl community and have experienced many memorable hunts. We do everything from open water divers to hunting sites tucked in some brush in the middle of a cattle ranch. As long as there is good conversation and laughs, I’ll be there!”

She and her husband are owned by three dogs —black Lab “Doc”, Chihuahua “Luke” and Bloodhound “Festus”.