Ryan Kroeger’s interests have always circled back to wild things—especially waterfowl. Growing up in Oklahoma City, he had known for a long time that he wanted to work in the field of conservation or wildlife research. In following this dream, Kroeger attended Oklahoma State University, earning a Bachelor of Science in wildlife ecology and a master’s in environmental science.

Joining Delta Waterfowl in July 2023 as a Canada-based regional biologist, Kroeger enjoys that his role allows him to apply his education, job experience and passion for waterfowl. His core responsibilities include assisting the Duck Production team in the growth and management of Delta’s Hen House and Predator Management programs across Canada’s three prairie provinces.

“I am absolutely thrilled at the chance to give back to the animals which have given so much to me,” Kroeger said. “I am particularly excited about contributing to Delta’s efforts to implement proven strategies to improve waterfowl nesting success in prairie Canada.”

When he isn’t working, Kroeger enjoys bowhunting and, of course, hunting ducks, particularly over small waters.

“Little marshes you can shoot all the way across have often made for some exceptionally memorable mornings,” he said.

Although Kroeger’s favorite duck to hunt is the northern pintail, his favorite wild game to eat includes green-winged teal and venison backstrap. Outside of hunting season, he loves to fish, practice Brazilian jiu jitsu, shoot 3D archery, and work with reining horses.

Kroeger is based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, where he lives with his two Labrador retrievers, Millie and Sage.